Ultimate Foos is what’s possible when you reimagine the world’s most popular sport. Envision soccer fused with foosball. Ulitmate Foos is a sport and iconic game mashup unlike anything you have ever experienced. Participants are brought together by a collective passion for competition and a dedication to sports and a healthy lifestyle. Ultimate Foos is a revolutionary game-changer.


A game-changing fusion of soccer and foosball, Ultimate Foos is a 4 on 4 competition with 4 innovative enhancements.


4 Target Goals to take shots at with 3 different point scoring opportunities: 1 Crossbar Bullseye (red) = 4 pts, Crossbars (yellow) = 3 pts, 1 Ground Goal (white) = 1 pt. Ultimate Foos Target Goals are designed to test player skill and increase scoring excitement.


15′ high, 55′ wide, extending the width of the goal line, the Goal Line Rebounding Wall is designed to keep play alive and provide second chance rebounds allowing both offensive and defensive players to use the wall to their advantage.



6 Foos Figures are strategically placed on each side of the field to challenge ball movement and shots taken on Target Goals. Foos Figures are inflated and weighted.



The Substitution Zone, at center field on each sideline for each team, is designed to speed up play and create a more fluid competition. Players can sub into and out of the match at any time by stepping into the Substitution Zone and swapping places.